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Complete guide to having flowers for wedding anniversary by year in Singapore, what flower bouquet gifts for each anniversary year. (Updated 2020)

Complete guide to having flowers for wedding anniversary by year in Singapore, what flower bouquet gifts for each anniversary year. (Updated 2020)

To have a unique special day in a year you need a special gift idea for your woman, whether when you’re celebrating a successful first year with your significant other or you’re shopping for the 25th milestone of a long-lasting marriage.

Surely these celebrations will not be complete without anniversary flowers. Fresh floral arrangements and flower bouquets have an appeal that is impossible to match.

Here’s a guide from an online flower delivery service in Singapore, a list made by a florist to each wedding anniversary flower by year to help you choose the perfect bouquet.

Also take your time checking out our selection of best quality flower bouquets for anniversary, where you can order flowers delivery online to your loved ones, which will never be a boring part of an anniversary celebration.

Flower for Paper, 1st Anniversary – Carnation
Celebrating first year as a couple together is the sweetest time of excitement and joy. Red carnation symbolizes admiration and the white represents pure and innocent love. Carnations symbolize the promise of commitment in young and passionate love, it captures optimism, and passion of a first anniversary perfect for your first year together.

Flower for Cotton, 2nd Anniversary – Cosmos or Lily of the Valley
By the second anniversary, cosmos symbolizes amazing transformation and representing the second year celebration. It is a sublime flower of unique and intense beauty. One other option for the second year of anniversary is lily of the valley that signifies the purity of your relationship along with modesty and devotion.

Flower for Leather, 3rd Anniversary – Sunflower
The third year is represented by golden yellow color of sunflowers which naturally spread a sense of strength, warmth and nourishment. The sunflower reflects the strong qualities of your three-year marriage representing faith, adoration, and lasting happiness.

Flower for Linen, 4th Anniversary – Geranium
For the 4th wedding anniversary geraniums are the traditional flower with a message of gratefulness and appreciation. The vibrant and colorful geranium is the flower that perfectly represents this important event. After four years, a couple has found a wonderful combination of comfortable habits and unexpected surprises.

Flower for Wood, 5th Anniversary – Daisy
Being with someone for five years might start to feel monotonous but, just like the daisy, when you look closer, there is a lot more beauty to discover. Each of the daisy’s petals radiates outwards from the center. The center symbolizes the intense bond of the married couple and all their shared experiences. Daisies are also known to indicate innocence, purity and gentleness on behalf of both the giver and recipient.

Flower for Iron, 6th Anniversary – Calla Lily
The long and slender calla lily flower looks very different than any other. with its trumpet-shaped blooms, it is a symbol of transition and growth, reflecting the beauty and pride gained from shared wisdom over time. These pretty white flowers are often found in many bridal bouquets representing the way that your love for each other has grown and developed.

Flower for Cooper, 7th Anniversary – Freesia
The exotic appearance of the freesia is enough to represent the 7th wedding anniversary. In general, they symbolize trust, thoughtfulness, friendship and sweetness which is just what you want in a happy marriage. The seventh anniversary is a time to look back on all that you’ve accomplished together while also looking ahead to next year. Freesia will show how much you appreciate and love all the unique characteristics of your spouse.

Flower for Bronze, 8th Anniversary – Lilac
It is a great time to look back and remember what brought you together when you first met. With their heart-shaped, deep green leaves and irresistibly fragrant blooms, lilacs have been treasured for generations. On the 8th year of being together, lilacs symbolically makes the couple recall the sweetness of their love and first emotions.

Flower for Willow, 9th Anniversary – Bird of Paradise
Celebrating love in the 9th year is represented by bird of paradise flowers. Bird of paradise is often meant as a promise of travel and exploration. A gift of a bird of paradise will remind your spouse of all the excitement your love contains. With large orange and blue blossoms, it symbolizes magnificence and splendor in celebrating romance’s unexpected side.

Flower for Tin, 10th Anniversary – Daffodil
After 10 years you’ve created many wonderful memories together. A bouquet of daffodils is the perfect way to represent each year of the sweet lasting memories you have shared during the last decade. Celebrate ten magnificent years with these brilliant and romantic flowers that radiate a light as bright as your love.

Flower for Steel, 11th Anniversary – Tulip
In the 11th year, a tulip would mean deep passion. Believed by many to be the most romantic of flowers, tulips also represent elegance and grace. It’s a great way to celebrate the beginning of your second decade together. Have your eleventh anniversary with this sophisticated beauty symbolic of renewal.

Flower for Silk, 12th Anniversary – Peony
There is an understanding and appreciation of the finer things in life after 12th year of marriage. Peony as graceful flowers have been chosen to represent the twelfth anniversary. This sophisticated flower is used in many important ceremonies around the world.

Flower for Lace, 13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemum
Not only have been long associated with abundance and loveliness, the chrysanthemum is also a symbol for fidelity. The chrysanthemum looks stunning both in a large fresh flower bouquet or as a part of a fresh flower arrangement. This is a spectacular flower with dense layers of petals whose texture holds in deep and wonderful color.

Flower for Ivory, 14th Anniversary – Dahlia
A bunch of dahlias will surely delight your spouse’s day on your 14th wedding anniversary. The petal structure of the dynamic dahlia creates a stunning statement that will brighten her day. Dahlia flower symbolizes dignity, grace, and elegance. They are sure to send the message that there are plenty of exciting times yet to come in your marriage.

Flower for Crystal, 15th Anniversary – Rose
Throughout history, a red rose has been the classic symbol of romantic love that runs very deeply. You’ve been through a lot together. After fifteen years you’ve earned the sensual and romantic opulence of the mighty rose. Rose is one of the earliest flowers known to man, roses symbolize love, magic, hope and passion. And one of the most beautiful flowers that is associated with the 15th year.

Flower for China, 20th Anniversary – Aster
Aster’s comes from the ancient Greek word which means star. On the anniversary of the 20th year, the aster flower represents wisdom and good fortune. Sending this traditional flower to celebrate this important milestone will communicate your appreciation of all you’ve gained through two decades of life together. Asters placed in a bouquet can be representative of the love and admiration you feel for each other after spending two decades together.

Flower for Silver 25th Anniversary – Iris
Going through a quarter century of marriage, the good, the bad, and the ugly, that occur over the course of 25 years with one person, while also expressing the strong faith and devotion you have, celebrate with the gorgeous iris. This flower is fitting as the 25th wedding anniversary flower since it is traditionally symbolic of hope, faith, courage, wisdom, and admiration.

Flower for Pearl, 30th Anniversary – Lily
By now you have aged and grown together, reflecting a grown mature marriage, the lily states that even if the years are passing your original affection, love, and appreciation remains. Lilies represent all of the changes you’ve gone through together, from house moves to children, and yet your love remains strong.

Flower for Ruby, 40th Anniversary – Gladiolus
A bold and striking flower deserves to represent a 40 years milestone, and the gladiolus is a perfect choice. The gladiola is the official flower of fortieth wedding anniversaries because of their long, slender shape like a sword, which is where the name came from. Celebrate your amazing time together with a luminous arrangement featuring the stately elegance of fresh gladiolus.

Flower for Gold 50th Anniversary – Violet and Yellow Rose
Let’s take a moment to congratulate you on this accomplishment. There is no other way of celebrating one the most important anniversary of your marriage than with yellow roses and violets. This anniversary is the only one celebrated with two different kinds of flowers, which is because their colors are complementary. Celebrate half a century together with a fresh flower arrangement featuring these two gorgeous flowers.

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