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Flower Meanings to Communicate Feelings from the Heart

When you’re picking out floral arrangements, do you ever pause to wonder: What is the meaning of each flower?

Getting gorgeous flowers for special occasions is already a nice sentiment – take it one step further by deciphering the flower meanings for a truly unique bouquet.

Discover the secret language of flowers with! Whether you’re selecting wedding flowers or Mother’s Day bouquets, let us help you create a bouquet featuring your love and sincerity.

Figuring Out Flower Meanings


pink flowers

The rose – one of the most classic flowers, rich with plant symbolism.

While most commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, this ubiquitous flower has many different meanings depending on its colour:

  • – Red: The red rose is a symbol of pure love and ardent attachment. This meaning stems from Greek mythology, where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and passion, is associated with red roses.
  • – Crimson: Dark shades of roses signify mourning and goodbyes. Perhaps not the best idea if you’re trying to show eternal love!
  • – White: White roses are commonly featured in a bridal bouquet in recognition of new beginnings. The delicate beauty of the white rose also represents innocence.
  • – Yellow: The yellow rose used to represent jealousy and greed. Now, it symbolises loyal love in a friendship. Gifting yellow roses to another may also signify that you remember absent friends.


The amount of roses you send and receive has significance as well! That said, these meanings only apply to red roses:

  • – A single red rose means love at first sight.
  • – 3 roses are usually given as a gift for a one-month anniversary.
  •  -12 roses – This is a classic bouquet size to ask someone to be yours.
  • A grand statement of 100 roses suggests that your deep love is in bountiful supply and will last forever!


carnation fascination

Another common flower in bouquets has definitely got to be carnations. Their magnificent beauty is evident in the voluminous petals and array of colours.

  • – Red: Similar to roses, red carnations symbolize love and fascination.
  • – Pink: If someone gifts you a pink carnation, it means that they will never forget you. This colour is also usually the preferred choice for Mother’s Day bouquets.
  • – Striped: Striped carnations represent regret over a secret love.
  • – Yellow: In the symbolic language of flowers, a yellow carnation means rejection or disappointment. Watch out if someone sends you these!


Red Tulip Field

Tulips are a bloom that’s increasing in popularity due to their bright colours and bold shape. As a spring bloom, tulips often represent rebirth, which is why they’re often gifted for good luck when someone has moved to a new home or started a new job.

  • – Red: As you’ve noticed from the previous flowers, red is the colour of passion! Red tulips are a declaration of true love, perfect as a gift for your significant other.
  • – Yellow: Yellow tulips represent a happy life. The cheery warmth of this bloom is also associated with sunshine and optimism.
  • – White: Need to resolve or conflict or beg for forgiveness? White tulips symbolise a peace offering or a sense of forgiveness.


lily flowers

Lilies are favoured for their unique shape and long life. For that latter reason, flowers in the lily family, such as the calla lily or tiger lily, are generally associated with devotion, new life and rebirth. However, the meanings may alter depending on the colour.

  • – White: White lilies are often used in both wedding bouquets and condolences wreaths. Commonly associated with rejuvenation and rebirth, the lasting beauty of white lilies hopes to be a precursor to a happy marriage. Conversely, a different meaning can be interpreted as the new life someone has to face after a loved one has passed away.
  • – Pink: The colour pink has long stood as a symbol of femininity, platonic love, adoration, good luck and admiration. Hence, pink lilies are generally gifted to close female friends or family as a show of support during challenging times.
  • – Red: Aside from romantic love, red lilies represent hard work and determination. They’re the perfect flowers to celebrate an achievement such as a graduation or promotion.
  • – Orange: Orange is the colour of confidence and energy, sparking feelings of warmth and positivity. As a gift, orange lilies signify well wishes or congratulations.


purple alstroemeria flowers

The exotic petals of alstroemeria pop out in any bouquet. This bloom is thought to represent friendship, wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in the language of flowers— all wonderful things!

Each of the flower’s six petals is thought to signify the key aspects of friendship, including commitment, respect, humour, patience, understanding, and empathy. Their twisted leaves are also a symbol of bonding, stability and overcoming difficulties together.

    • –  Yellow: Yellow alstroemeria represent happiness and energy – perfect for when you want to show a friend how happy they make you.
    • –  White: White alstroemeria flowers represent innocence and purity. If you’re looking to give an edge to your wedding bouquet, these flowers are the way to go!
    • –  Pink: Pink alstroemeria flowers represent romance and playfulness. It’s the perfect flower to give when friendships bloom into love.


Hydrangea flowers

From sincerity to boastfulness, the hydrangea has a wide range of meanings based on various cultural beliefs and folklore.

In Japan, hydrangeas represent sincere feelings, gratitude for understanding and apologies. However, the Victorian era society disliked these flowers and considered them a sign of arrogance, bragging and vanity.

  • –  Pink: Because its shape resembles a beating heart, pink hydrangeas are particularly associated with heartfelt emotion.
  • –  Blue: Hydrangeas of this colour are associated with coldness and remorse. People who turned down love interests were also given them to indicate that their personality was chilly or frigid.
  • –  White: A present of white hydrangeas may be considered more of an insult than a gift! That’s because white hydrangea flowers represent bragging or boasting.
  • –  Purple: If you’re gifted a bouquet of purple hydrangeas, it represents a desire to know you deeply.


orchid flowers

Last but not least, we have the national flower of Singapore- the beloved orchid!

Anyone who has ever seen an orchid knows how graceful and elegant they are. They stand tall among the other plants, confident in their rare beauty.

In feng shui, orchids are considered one of the luckiest houseplants, which is why orchids are great good luck gifts for housewarming and shop openings!

  • –  Orange: Orange orchids are symbolic of strength, pride, and courage. They’re a great present for someone who has a big presentation, competition, or event coming up.
  • –  Purple: Purple orchids are a classy way to express appreciation, admiration, and respect.
  • –  Green: Green orchids represent good health and fortune. As a result, they’re frequently chosen as “get well soon” or “best wishes” gifts.

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