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Tips & Tricks for The Perfect Customized Flower Arrangements

Basic store bouquets not your taste? Looking for that personalized touch in your flower arrangements? Here are some expert tips and tricks to build a perfect flower arrangement for any occasion!

Step 1 : Choose a Presentation Style

Flowers in a glass vase


There are many ways to present a flower arrangement, each method is suitable for a wide variety of occasions and ultimately depends on your preference.


White flowers in a white ceramic pottery

For a classical look go for a ceramic vase. Pottery has long been used as vessels for flower presentations. These vases are elegant additions to your home or event space.

If you are looking for a modern twist, beautifully shaped glass vases are perfect centerpieces. Glass reflects light in a way that creates an eye catching shine which will definitely attract the curious views of your guests. Choose a reputable flower delivery service like Flower Cart Singapore to ensure that your pottery arrives unscathed.

The 3Bs -Bouquets, Baskets and Boxes

Baskets and Boxes

When gift giving the 3Bs often come to mind, bouquets, baskets and boxes are easy to carry and come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes.

A thoughtful flower bouquet is always appreciated, from birthdays to condolences, bouquets can be customized to suit any mood.

With the resurgence of picnics as a trend, baskets have become popular vehicles for flowery gifts. Baskets have the additional advantage of allowing your beautiful flower arrangement to sit along side a person’s favorite chocolates or even adorn a vintage bottle of wine.

The box, at first glace, these rectangular rigid structures may not seem like a good vessel for your flowers but, with some creativity you can create a sophisticated gift box that will leave a lasting impression.

Step 2: Build a Base

Build a Base

Most flower arrangements start with a nice green base because it brings a sense of comfort to your design.

The type of greenery you choose can make or break your centerpiece. Too much foliage and you’ve just gifted someone a jungle, too little greenery and you risk making your flowers look cheap, it truly is a delicate balance.

Not to worry, here some popular greeneries that are bound to bring new life to your floral setting!



A popular type of greens to add to a flower display are ferns, because they are not seasonal and are found year round. Their unique triangular shape adds a special touch and thick luscious leaves bring a tropical vibe to any flower arrangement.

When shopping for ferns to add to your flower delivery you should stick to sword ferns or leather ferns as they are easier foliage to work with compared to their skinnier stick like cousin the tree fern.



Two types of Eucalyptus are often used as greenery in flower arrangements. The Silver dollar Eucalyptus has cute heart shaped or circular leaves that are nicely spaced out on a woody stem. They are highly bendable which allows them to wrap nicely around your arrangement or even be used to make decorative wreaths.

The Eucalyptus ‘Baby Blue” is also commonly seen in flower shops. They have denser and smaller sized leaves that mature and on a bluish gray hue or faded green color which is what gives the Eucalyptus its iconic namesake. Eucalyptus ‘baby blue’ are commonly used to create contrast and add texture.

Monstera Leaves

Monstera Leaves

Large, flat and covered in holes, the Monstera plant has the nickname ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ for its resemblance to the popular cheese. They construct distinctive shaping in bouquets and become the perfect backdrop that make your flower delivery pop.

Aspidistra Leaves

Aspidistra Leaves

Aspidistra leaves are found in small groups or as singular stems. They resemble a long arrow head and come with a green stalk.

You can buy Aspidistra leaves from Flower Cart in a singular shade of green or variegated with light green that cuts through the darker green bringing on new charm.

Step 3: Choose Your Primary Flowers

Flowers in a glass vase

Time for the most important part of every flower arrangement, primary flowers are the focal point of your creation. Flower Cart Singapore offers fresh flowers and same day delivery that will ensure that your flowers arrive at your doorstep in optimal condition.

While it is possible to mix and match different flowers for your bouquets, many flowers carry meanings that have been passed down through decades and it is important that you choose the right flowers in order to create the most meaningful centerpiece.



The golden child of romantic bouquets, who doesn’t know that the red rose is a sign of undying love? You see them everywhere, from valentines day with your boo to a sweet mother’s day gift for grandma, but did you know each rose color carries a different meaning?

Dark crimson rose is actually for mourning. Perhaps its similarity to the color of oxidized blood perfectly symbolizes the heartache you feel when you experience loss. If you’re worried that you will mix up the two, you can always get black roses that carry the same amount of morbid beauty.

The pink rose is a delicate display of joy. Add a few stems of pink roses to show happiness in your flowery work of art.

For a chic twist, use a white rose to show the grace and charm of innocence. They are also used as a sign for the heavenly and are even added to bouquets to symbolize worthiness.

To showcase pettiness in a bouquet, the yellow rose indicates jealousy and a loss of love. Found out your spouse is cheating on you but don’t like confrontation? Yellow roses can be used as a not so subtle hint for infidelity.



You might know them as one of their many nicknames, the Alstroemeria, Perevian Lily, Lily of the Incas and Parrot Lily are actually all the same flower.

These rustic lily like flowers are connected to sentimental themes. While commonly used to imply mutual support and friendship, recent years have seen the rise of Alstroemerias as wedding flowers.



The bright sunflower, when they can’t see the sun they face each other. The ultimate symbol for light, their alluring color is a sign of positivity and strength.

Contact a florist to purchase sunflowers as the perfect accent flower to show admiration and loyalty to your friends, loved ones or even business partners.



Peonies symbolize wealth in Chinese and Japanese culture. Called the ‘King of Flowers’ these large blooms play a huge role during the Lunar New Year season in Singapore.

These flowers also mean love and good fortune. It is common practice to gift someone this blossom during graduations and after labor especially in spring.



With around 100 different species lilies come in many styles. They are found all over the globe and are one of the most popular flowers sold in Singapore.

Once seen as sacred to the Egyptians, lilies are now used in all occasions.

Do you hear the wedding bells? White lilies are often used to show commitment, purity and rebirth. Popular wedding flowers that are also used during funerals, white lilies follow you though every moment in the cycle of life.

The lovely pastels of pink lilies are commonly used to show femininity and adoration. This is not to say that they are only for women, no, they are just a celebration of the feminine traits that are a part of all of us.

Red lilies are a trendy way to tell someone you love them. Sprinkle in a few stems of these daring blooms in your bouquet and watch the love and passion come to life.

Yellow lilies show appreciation. Whether it is “thank you for your kindness” or “thank you for your service”, be sure to get these flowers fresh from a florist and add them to your spring time bouquet.



Known for the difficulty it takes to keep orchids in bloom, these flowers are rare finds that you should add to your bouquets when you have the chance.

Orchids are seen as a type of luxury and refinement and have an aura of mature charm. You get this flower when you want to make a good impression for your boss or as a gift to your in laws. The natural flow of these flowers are perfect for all your centerpieces.

Orchids can bid for hundreds in Singapore, luckily, Flower Cart offers these flowers at affordable prices so you can enjoy this luxury without leaving a hole in your bank account.



Carnations and the iconic rose have become interchangeable in the flower industry but, what do carnations truly mean?

Carnations are actually strongly associated with mother’s day and are used to symbolize a mother’s love. Some people believe that the flower has the ability to heal the sick, so add these to your bouquet the next time you visit a sick friend.

Carnations also add texture to wedding flowers, instead of the boring smooth feel of other flowers, use these white frilled blooms instead.

Step 4: Filler flowers

Filler flowers

Its time to complete your flowery delight. Choose some filler flowers from Flower Cart Singapore as the final bells and whistles to make your flowers stand out.

Here’s a secret, contact our florist to ask for access to flowers that are in season that you may not be aware of!



These small flowers with paper like petals are a nice addition of purples to your floral setting.

Sometimes used to signify remembrance, add these filler flowers when you want to express your condolences.



Looking for something that stands out from other filler flowers? The Feverfew with its bright yellow center and white petals may be the best fit for you.

Baby’s Breath

Baby's Breath

Often sold dried and dyed a variety of colors, in Singapore, you can find Baby’s Breath in its natural white (perfect as fillers for your wedding flowers) or even in pinks and blues.

The stem of these filler flowers are full of tiny blooms that will fill up any gaps in your flower display.

Step 5: Checkout and Flower Delivery

Flower Delivery

We have reached the final step of your flower setting journey. Its time to checkout and let the florist at Flower Cart bring your creation to life.

No more worries about not receiving your flowers in time because Flower Cart offers same day delivery to all of Singapore. You just have to sit back, relax and our delivery person will be there shortly.

Enjoy your flowers!


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